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Frontend Developer

Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NetherlandsIT

Job description

Location: Eindhoven, campus of Eindhoven University of Technology

Hours per week: Fulltime [40h]

Think and work level: HBO or Academic | Computer Science

At Wolfpack we work with around 35 wolves on projects. Our clients come to us with complex problems that must be translated into a technical solution and in our teams we do the work from start to finish. As a Frontend Developer, you work in a team with backend developers (e.g PHP, Laravel or .NET), UX/UI-designers and Devops engineers, ensuring a continuous and timely delivery of qualitative solutions. On every new project we compose the best pack for the challenge. We run and develop our projects from our Wolfpack 'home base' in Eindhoven. What we do like is to visit the client to learn more about their company and their processes. Within the team you are the person who knows everything about Vue, TypeScript, Tailwind, new developments of Firebase, but also knows something about Laravel 8+.

What you tell your friends you do:

“My work offers a great deal of variety. I started out working on a cool project for a publisher of educational materials, It is a digital platform where children can learn words by playing games. I work with Vue on a daily basis and I just upgraded a few projects to Vue 3. Besides that, I am also busy with Typescript to write cloud functions faster. When all work is done, then it's time for a beer with the team.”

But wait… what does that mean, day-to-day?

  • You translate concepts and ideas into explicit software-based solutions;
  • You can provide effective feedback to other wolves during the backlog refinements and UX/UI designers know where to find you to test their designs.
  • You work closely together with the backend developers in your team to ensure frontend and backend are compatible;
  • You will QA work from other wolves, test your own features and deploy the newest version to a staging environment so that UX/UI designers can give you feedback on your work.
  • You collaborate closely with other developers and project managers, but also work together with our UX/UI designers;
  • Providing technical solutions to solve customers’ challenges and discuss the best approach for new projects with your team of developers;
  • Code some (more complex) elements in the current projects;
  • Develop, develop, develop, of course!

Job requirements

What the pack needs from you:

  • Minimal 2-4 years of frontend development experience; Preferably VueJS, but for us it's all about your conceptual knowledge. Angular, React or something else? We will discuss it with you! Experience with NuxtJS is a plus.
  • You do not literally implement what is asked of you, but based on previous experience and our analytics tools you challenge our designers and product owners to make the best choices. In addition, you continuously coordinate with other developers;
  • Good cooperation with designers, you understand their perspective and think about user experience, but can offer a counterweight if, for example, it is too complex in implementation;
  • You enjoy working on different, challenging projects;
  • You have experience with daily stand-ups, refinements, planning & retrospectives;
  • Working knowledge or expertise in JavaScript, HTML, CSS;
  • Nice to have: Experience working with REST API web services, TypeScript and building responsive web interfaces.

Joining the pack:

Working at Wolfpack means working together with over thirty other talented, hungry wolves. You will work closely together with Wolfpack’s project managers and your fellow project wolves. Our three core pillars are talent, performance, and flexibility. We recruit IT talent early in their careers and give them the opportunity to develop, not only (in) software, but also in soft skills: both professionally and on a more personal level.

What the pack offers in return:

  • A competitive salary (we do not believe in a fixed range in a vacancy, but we discuss your salary wishes and together we look at the possibilities within Wolfpack based on your work experience, education and the role you are looking for).
  • Good secondary employment conditions, such as: a (green) pension, a lot of freedom in your hours, good equipment and attention to your personal development.
  • Smart colleagues with a similar technical background.
  • We work together in project teams, at our own location in Eindhoven, on the TU/e ​​Campus. So we do not second.
  • Flexible hybrid working (+/- 40% at home, 60% in the office). Everyone is welcome at the office every day. We find it important that the office is a place to meet, work together and find each other.


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